A little preview of the video work for MOCA GA


Hand made Victrola

This simple machine has been the hardest of all the machines I have made in my career.  Materials: mica horn, yogurt lid as sound diaphragm (tried a real Victrola diaphragm with no success), hand made sound producer (thing that hold the diaphragm), hidden wood pulleys and hand crank. It doesn’t sound too bad, but Im still not happy with the quality of sound. Work, work, work.

Inside the Studio

I have been reading News from Nowhere by William Morris which looks at  the idea  of a utopian society during the industrial revolution. Also I have just started some  old works by Ruskin.  So here is a hint on what the work is about: think machine replacing man vs man replacing machine.

View of a few more of the performers uniforms.


New Views of Studio

Had my first studio visit in preparation for the show in July. The work is really shaping up. I’m excited about my next studio visit with the Director of Beacon Dance, Patton White. We will be discussing the possibilities of his troupe being the performers